Giveaway - Guess the Nib Count

It's giveaway time!  I want to thank all of my supporters by sharing some of my favorite supplies.  How to enter:

  • guess the number of nibs in this glass bottle
  • write out your chosen number (i.e. seven hundred and fifty) in any style of calligraphy
  • post it on instagram with the hashtag #biancasnibs by midnight Pacific Standard Time on Halloween - 10/31/15.
  • the entry with the closest count wins!

That's it! You don't have to tag me, or your friends- just make sure to add that hashtag so I can count it as an entry.  Please only enter ONCE.  And feel free to enter if you're out of the USA - I can ship abroad if needed!


Now, a note about the jar.  There are a lot of nibs in there, but I currently have no idea how many.  I have been collecting almost all of my used nibs in there for about eight or nine years now- that's a lot!!  The jar, overall, is about 10.5" tall, and the nibs are in about 4.5" of vertical space.  It is 3.5" diameter, with fairly thick glass. 

I suppose you'll also want to know what you can WIN!  Here goes:

  • a set of my favorite nibs
  • one of my colored ink kits
  • a varnished and lightly stained maple wood inkwell holder with pen rest, jar included
  • a bottle of Dr. Ph. Martin's Bleed Proof White Ink
  • a pad of 50 9x12 Borden & Riley translucent marker layout sheets
  • a set of five letterpress printed note cards

Good luck, and thanks for your support!

Ink on, B