ABOUT ME.  Calligraphy has been a part of my life for eleven years.  I've studied under Pat Blair- Chief White House Calligrapher, and Paul Antonio Attong- Crown Office Scribe.  I've also taught for the past three years. 

I have a thing for beautiful letters, which is probably more accurately described as an obsessive infatuation.  The same is true for ink, paint, pencils, canvas and paper.  This all came about early on in my life, as a child, and only took a backseat briefly in the early 2000's, when I misguidedly pursued an education and occupation in finance.  By 2005, I had decided to put myself back where I belonged - alongside the very materials that would stain my favorite clothes but produce my favorite works.  

I am belligerently in love with the ornate works of our past centuries- the passionate, wistfully exclusive, profoundly talented skills and opulence that graced the 1700s come to mind - but also treasure the modern works of today's calligraphers and illustrators.  I am happiest with my work when it reflects a balanced influence of both.

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Photo by Sarah Deragon

Photo by Sarah Deragon